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Any one who comes into contact with her will be struck by the beauty of her spirit.It is my pleasure to recommend her as one of Ottawa's foremost practitioners of the mystic arts." I am genetically pure Turkish from Sinop, Turkey, born and raised in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada.Her reading was specific, accurate and resonated deeply with me at the time.In fact, I regret not taking her up on her offer to record it as so many of her predictions came true that it would have been helpful to reflect once again on all she had to say.They are just projections of your actual thoughts, and as such, you can change them. Readings help clarify the trends of your current thoughts.From a yogic perspective, I consider coffee cup readings as mental kriya (cleansing action). Helps to change harmful mental patterns, and reaffirm the positive." Marcelo Orsetti, Ayur Yoga professor, Massage and Sweat Lodge Therapist ~ Argentina Yesim has an extraordinary clairvoyant ability.

Create your beautiful fortune cards now and share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.- Log in with your Facebook account and receive your readings directly to your email address too.

Heal the past and be present and trust in the Divine and nature. Your actions are created by you and you are in control of where you are steering your ship at all times. Where you are sitting and tools you have in your personality that help or hinder.

Reminding you of your strengths and weaknesses and your sense of humor.

1-613-323-2207 Skype: by appointment yesimgumus11 "Yesim has one of the most glorious minds.

My following posts introduce my gifts, talents and present knowledge to share through contract, employment, friendship, trades, events, projects or volunteer work. I look forward to hearing from you and helping each other navigate every precious moment life has to offer....

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