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In the European Parliament, 535 deputies supported the agreement, 127 voted against and 35 abstained.In Kiev, all 355 deputies present voted in favor, while 95 did not attend the vote.Russia presented a long list of objections which it wants to negotiate beforehand.Ukrainian nationalists have condemned the delay of the FTA as an inadmissible concession to Moscow.The aim therefore of the free trade delay is primarily to buy time.The same purpose is served by two other laws agreed by the Ukrainian parliament shortly before the adoption of the Association Agreement.The two sessions were connected by video transmission.It was left to the Chairman of the European Parliament, the German Social Democrat Martin Schulz, to praise the adoption of the agreement as a “triumph for democracy”.

Just 287 of the 450 deputies voted in favor of the amnesty law and 277 for the Autonomy.The consequences will prove to be even more devastating for the desperately poor population of Ukraine than for the Greek people.There, average incomes have dropped by a third due to the financial dictates of the troika, social provisions and education have been eradicated, and broad swathes of the population have been condemned to abject poverty and unemployment.Russia is, besides the EU, the main market for Ukrainian products, and the introduction of customs controls would have a devastating effect on the Ukrainian economy, which is already in free fall.The national currency, the hryvnia, has lost 36 percent of its value against the US dollar since the beginning of the year, the inflation rate is 25 percent, and economic output is expected to shrink by ten percent by the end of this year.

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