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They should also bring with them current original National Identity card and academic certificates/ testimonials.Photocopies/scanned ID cards and police abstracts will not be accepted.

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“All persons presenting themselves for recruitment purposes with fake/falsified documents or caught engaging in any corrupt activity shall be arrested and prosecuted,” it cautioned.

Any person purporting to recruit or issue an alleged calling letter away from a recruitment centre is a con person.” —End of Update— It is a constitutional requirement that the composition of the command of the Defence Forces reflects the regional and ethnic diversity of the people of Kenya.

The supreme organ overseeing all matters pertaining to the Defence Forces is the Defence Council, which is also a constitutionally established body.

Kenya Defence Forces role prior to the promulgation of the new Constitution was two fold — the primary role was to defend the sovereignty of the Republic and the secondary one was to assist the civil authority when called upon.

The process of calling upon the Defence Forces entails a decision that the breach in law and order is such that the police services can no longer contain it.

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