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Although Noah died in November, it was only published in the Waco paper today.

I do so hate to report deaths during the holiday season, but there really is no good time to report the passing of any graduate.

Although adoption agencies take pains to gather medical and family history information, it is often not possible to have full information for the entire birth family.

In a closed or semi-open adoption, there may be no way for an adopted child to ask questions or clarify vague or missing information that may only become relevant long after the adoption occurred.

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There can also be significant concerns about coupled with specific hurt feelings over the birthmother's choice to "reject" the child" to "give me away" or "not wanting me enough." Such hurtful and vulnerable feelings may be compounded should the child learn that the birthmother later had other children that she chose to raise herself.

Adopted children may also suffer from a loss of access to important medical or genetic birth family histories.

Well, if you come bearing whipped cream and nipple clamps, you might get in — but don’t count on it. It almost always follows some extreme sharing or loss that has depleted Scorpio’s emo-energy.If they are only in deluded lust or infatuation, that too may become clear during a break. On the surface, Scorpio’s disappearing act may seem reckless and destructive to a relationship; on the contrary, though, it helps Scorpio sustain the meaningful bond.Even a simple doctor's appointment wherein an adopted child is quizzed about their family medical history can become a trigger for painful or awkward feelings, reminding the adopted child (or adult) that he or she is somehow different from others and doesn't have the same information available to share with the doctor.Adopted children may struggle with self-esteem and identity development issues more so than their non-adopted peers.

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