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Quasiment tout la bande à Seth Rogen donne de la voix pour Sausage Party, notamment les comédiens déjà présents dans la comédie C'est la fin en 2013, réalisé par Rogen et Evan Goldberg.

On retrouve donc James Franco, Paul Rudd, Michael Cera et David Krumholtz.

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, Gaspar Noé‘s boundary-pushing 3D porno about a couple, their intriguing neighbor, and the gratuitous sex that unfolds between all three. 7/10 TOTAL SCORE: 14/20 [Where To Stream SYNOPSIS: The plot has something to do with Satanic cults, but what you really need to know is that this movie was almost rated X thanks to the crazy town sex scene between Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet. You should also totally read Olivia Armstrong's piece on this minor Roman Polanski masterpiece. All you really need to know about this film is that it's got a Heather Graham/Joseph Fiennes sex scene in it that puts anything Rollergirl ever did on camera to shame. Needless to say, if you’re in the mood to check out something wholly unlike anything you’ve seen before, check out SYNOPSIS: Drug and sex addicted cop (Michael Douglas) interrogates drug and sex addicted blonde (Sharon Stone) about whether or not she murders her lovers with an ice pick. Oh, did we mention Melanie Griffith also stars as a porn star? 4/10 TOTAL SCORE: 12/20 [Where To Stream SYNOPSIS: No, this doesn't have anything to do with Roberta Flack. 5/10 TOTAL SCORE: 12/20 [Where To Stream SYNOPSIS: In this psychological thriller, a needy young woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) finds fulfillment by trying to literally become her successful roommate (Bridget Fonda). 4/10 TOTAL SCORE: 10/20 [Where To Stream SYNOPSIS: You know what's not sexy? That said, there are some great twists and turns in this story about the Marquis de Sade. Lo for trying to resurrect this genre; this film about J. 3/10 TOTAL SCORE: 8/20 [Where To Stream SYNOPSIS: You know who's even less sexy than Geoffrey Rush? Still, this Nic Roeg movie is full of sexual intrigue and is TOTALLY worth watching. 3/10 TOTAL SCORE: 7/20 [Watch SYNOPSIS: Jane Campion directs Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo in this erotic thriller based on the best-selling suspense novel by Susanna Moore. (Oh, and she gets topless at one point, too.) HOW EROTIC WAS IT? 6/10 TOTAL SCORE: 9/20 [Where To Stream SYNOPSIS: Props to J. 3/10 TOTAL SCORE: 7/20 [Where To Stream SYNOPSIS: This movie is really terrible and not at all erotic, but that said, it's worth watching just to see Cindy Crawford try to act.

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