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We have an entire list of guidelines that our clients are encouraged to follow to make dating easy and fun-like it should be.

We at MTN Matchmaking know that men and women are very different, and we know how to help our clients through the dating process to eliminate all the typical miscommunication that couples typically encounter.

This compatibility system is something that took Maureen years to develop and perfect.

In addition to that, many times Maureen’s intuition of matching singles for over 16 years comes into play.

You will see photos of each potential match we send you.

Each potential match will be compatible to you in three ways.

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MTN Matchmaking is also the safest matchmaking service, providing a thorough screening process of all candidates.With over 1000 success stories, the private and unique system that Maureen has developed works.Our customer service to our clients is of utmost importance to us.Maureen and her staff gets to know each and every client and knows exactly what they are looking for, and most importantly the type of person they need.With dating coaching the entire dating process is much easier than the outside world because we can find out what the true feelings of our clients are and can share this with our clients to help them be the best daters possible.

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